Artist 2 Artist: Los Angeles

03/29/2012 ~ 04/25/2012

“Artist 2 Artist: Los Angeles”

Artists’ Reception: Thursday, March 29, 6-9 pm

Galerie Rheeway
3525 West 8th Street Suite no. 216 & 217
Los Angeles, CA 90005 Tel: 1-213-785-1121

LOS ANGELES, Calif. – The Lady Between the Lines Art Agency is pleased to announce the first of three shows called “Artist to Artist”; the first to be hosted at Galerie Rheeway starting March 29, 2012. This is the first show since the passing of the agency’s founder Monticello Miller, who died at age of 59 in August 2011. Fifteen artists’ works from Spain, Germany, El Salvador, Korea, Brazil, Iran, and the United States have been brought together to continue Miller’s motto, “Artist to Artist – Together we are powerful.” All the artists, some emerging and some mid-career, bring to their works a pure energy inspired by the colors of their surroundings, the imageries of their lives, and the imaginations of their minds. Viewers are left to make personal connections with these day to day imageries and ideas from the colorful cultures around the globe.

About The Lady Between The Lines Art Agency

The Lady Between the Lines Art Agency has the mission to use art as a healing tool to bridge social divides and to provide functional solutions to challenging social problems. The agency is dedicated to find common ground through the power of art, and at the same time see the richness of our international communities. The Agency emphasizes in connecting artists of different nationalities with exhibits and projects. Artists acknowledge an international, cultural and moral responsibility to artistically create connections to people. This unifies us citizens and helps create solutions that enrich and enlighten the quality of life for humanity.

The second international “Artist to Artist” show will be in the beautiful city of Zaragoza, Spain, in June 2012. For more information about The Lady Between the Lines Art Agency, exhibits and information about becoming part of a show as an artist, please visit www.lbl-artagency.com.

Contact: Sunita Mager / Media Relations / 714.269.6687 / Sunita.mager@lbl-artagency
Anita Mager / President / anita.mager@lbl-artagency.com

About Galerie Rheeway

Galerie Rheeway promotes emerging artists to be introduced and mid-career artists to propel further into their work. The gallery exchanges the talents of artists internationally and gives the community of Los Angeles an opportunity to experience a wide variety of the artistic world. For more information about the Galerie Rheeway, please visit www.galerierheeway.com.

Contact: Sukran Han or James Chong / (213)-785-1121 / galerierheeway@gmail.com

Anton Godard - USA
Astrid Garrobo - Spain
Carmen Mansilla - Spain
Christiane Lange - Germany
Ennio Deras - El Salvador
Hea Sook Yoo - USA
Heike Huismann - Germany
Heui-Seok Kim - Korea
Johnny Quintanilla - USA
Josè Enrique Gonzales Rodriguez - Spain
Ken Esteves - USA
Leonardo Montejo Gonzàlez - Spain
Renee Amitai - USA
Roshi Khalilian - Iran
Sandrinha Cruz - Brazil


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